Collaboration with universities

OMAZ is well aware of how important it is to research, test new solutions in a systematic way with a rigorously scientific approach, so as to pursue, through continuous improvement at every stage of development, customer satisfaction.

OCollaborazioneColMondoUniversitarion this basis OMAZ is pursuing a fruitful dialogue with the academic world through collaborations with teachers and students as part of specific research.

It is a first positive example the thesis presented by Dr. Ing. Paul Bromo entitled “Belt conveyor used by a food business company: cost analysis and development of BOM”, followed by Professor Ciarapica Polytechnic University of Marche.

The thesis, on management, focused on the analysis of the cost of a conveyor belt and was developed after an internship at our reality in which, with the help of our technical department and particularly by engineer Marzetti, a dialogue and a discussion about the tools used in the process of cost analysis has been conducted.

With the hope that this cooperation will be beneficial to the dr. Bromo from a professional point of view and, why not, human, OMAZ convincingly will pursue new partnerships aiming at the development of internal expertise and technologies.

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