The 8184289226614595850workers, the management, the historic collaborators and workers recently retired and with 40 years of company longevity behind them. All together to celebrate a historical moment: the 60 candles of Omaz  srl, a leading company in the poultry sector and in the production of battery cages for laying hens, which celebrated the important anniversary with a group trip. The location chosen was the manifestation of Fieravicola Forli where Omaz  set up a beautiful stand and where, in fact, hosted dozens of people for a cut of the pie so amarcord as starting point for new and important challenges. Omaz stand has been visited also by the Undersecretary for Agricultural Policies Giuseppe Castiglione, the mayor of Forli Davide Drei, Marco Della Bartola , Eurovo group, and the most popular of Italian poultry entrepreneurs, Francesco Amadori.

20150629_231759-1Many moments amarcord also narrated by Giuseppe Quadrini, nephew of the other Giuseppe, his grandfather, who in 1955 founded the former Faz, today Omaz. The company, in addition to the leadership in the international field in its sector and rapidly expanding in emerging markets such as Algeria and Burkina Faso, last year wrote a virtuous chapter of its history. Some employees, in fact, took their courage in both hands and, in a delicate phase of transition of business ownership, they decided to become themselves owners of the company for which they had been always working . Claudio Bellissimo, Giuliano De Santis, Stefano Cardinali, Maura Francinelli and Giuseppe Quadrini, with a considerable rate of entrepreneurial risk, have allowed that the heart and head of the company remained in our territory, leaving intact the workplace for almost 50 employees, most of them boys.


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