“Broiler Space” is the latest working out of OMAZ battery for broilers. It is the result of many years of experience and of a careful realization-oriented research for an efficient, functional and exclusive battery. The battery “Broiler Space” was designed and produced for a long-lasting result merging the design to the more modern technology, quality of used materials and care for particulars.

The main structural characteristics of this battery are:

  • the undoubtedly innovative structure, compact and strong, with tubular supports every 104,60 cm.
  • the easy assembly, totally through insertions
  • the lay-out of the battery simplifying cleaning and maintenance. OMAZ proposes the battery for broilers in two solutions: “BS60” and “BS72”.

They differ only for the inter-axes among the tiers: in the model “BS72” it is possible to load the broilers directly from the head of each line exploiting the belt conveyer below. Both models, alternatively to the bottom in wire netting, can be supplied with an exclusive bottom in plastic material by OMAZ production Well-known are the benefits deriving from a battery farming compared with a farming to ground :

  • remarkable increase in productive density
  • better feed transformation
  • energy saving
  • saving in manpower
  • no cost for litter
  • removal of death rate of asphyxiation due to animals concentration
  • a more healthy environment