The manure tunnel SAHARA is the fruit of a careful work of design and material study which aims at achieving an innovative, efficient and long lasted product.

This system allows the manure drying with a considerable energy saving since it entirely takes advantage of ventilation which is in any case necessary for the air exchange and for the temperature control inside the house.

With the tunnel SAHARA it is possibile to get a reduction in the degree of manure humidity from 75-85% (inward) to 15- 25% (outward).

The drying tunnel is stoked up by an elevator belt which collects the manure from the farming house and it is automatically switched on (or off) by a particular weighing hopper that is the essential component of all the system.

A manure distribution auger, placed inside the feeding hopper, supplies a uniform distribution of the manure itself along the whole belt ensuring a high degree of efficiency of the tunnel.

The manure, going on at a prearranged speed, passes on by the pierced polypropylene belts of the upper tiers to the lower ones till the completion of its drying process.