Space XL

SPACE XL is the exclusive battery that OMAZ conceived and designed for the rearing of laying hens in enriched colonies. The battery SPACE XL is designed and built to last, combining design with the most modern technology, the ease of use and attention to detail.

The battery SPACE XL can be easily examined and inspected and all the structural components within the cage stimulate the natural behavior of the hens themselves even if more numerous and in a wider space than conventional cages.

The main characteristics of the battery SPACE XL are:

• very compact and robust structure with tubular bearing supports every 122 cm.
• gates, nest area, perches, watering and line feed system with trolley perfectly integrated in the battery itself
• Internal supplementary feed trough with OMAZ patent
• possibility of realize intermediate communication trenches with walkways from 3 to 12 tiers
• maximum rationalization of spaces in full compliance with the Directive 1999/74/CE on animal welfare.