The stand of OMAZ has been crowded with old and new customers during the last SIMA-SIPSA of Algiers,from 4 to 7 October 2016.  Stefano Cardinali and Mauro Bellini, respectively, chief operating officer and export sales director,  returned very satisfied  and they immediately wanted to thank Dr Djamel Reddaf, valuable OMAZ collaborator, who joins in his agency Sarl Abs the best Italian companies in the poultry sector, thus bringing the Made in Italy all over the country. Also thanks to all his staff. 

Djamel Reddaf, Cardinali, Bellini and Sarl Abs agency met Mr Pasquale Ferrara, the Italian Ambassador in Algiers. Also present was Mr Ali Bali, one of the most important OMAZ customers in Algeria. Mr Ferrara met them in the Italian Embassy and in his house, thanks to his relationship with OMAZ, Sarl Abs and Mr Ali Bali. Among other issues, they spoke about Italian companies and their capacity to work together as a team in order to  develope big projects in Algeria.

Cardinali proposed to build more and more important bridges between the two countries, thanks to OMAZ and other companies’ will to finance cultural activities, training with the universities, sports activities for young people and so on, following OMAZ spirit of solidarity. Furthermore, at the exhibition, the delegation of Sarl Abs  met Giulio Bolaffi,  economic and financial responsible of Italian Embassy in Algiers, and Giorgio Calveri of ICE-Ita, Italian Trade Agency.